Improving Curb Appeal with TAMKO® Products

First impressions are everything. Whether you’re putting your home on the market, or entertaining people for a family gathering, how people perceive your home the first time around sets the tone for every subsequent visit. When it comes to creating that first impression, curb appeal is the driving force. From the right landscape to a good looking driveway, these factors speak volumes about your home.

While many people spend time planting flowers or putting on new coats of paint, larger exterior upgrades to your deck or roof can help drive up the value of your home as well as improve curb appeal. Since 1944, TAMKO ® has been one of the nation’s leaders in providing quality commercial and residential building products for roofing, decking, and railing. With TAMKO® products, you can add that extra something special to the exterior of your home.


Many homeowners forget to look up when it comes to assessing the outside of their home. Take a step back and give your roof a once over. Remove any debris and replace any missing shingles as necessary. Additionally, aside from maintenance, the balance of colors between your roof and the exterior material of your home plays a huge factor in how your home looks. TAMKO® products perfectly blend style with quality, creating custom colors to emphasize the dramatic look your home needs.


Another improvement to your home’s curb appeal is the deck or outside area. Having an area for friends and family to gather in great weather is a prime selling feature of your home. TAMKO®’s line of premium decking materials offers a variety of style and finishes to make any decking and railing combination a winner. Whether you’re looking for an Asian Zen style or a Rustic Elegance finish, TAMKO® makes it easy to create the curb enhancing deck of your dreams.

The next time you think about curb appeal, think about how you can enhance the look and feel of your home with a good looking deck and a stylish roof.